Why Solar ?

Why Solar ?

In a single day, enough solar energy lands on the earth to cater for its entire power needs for a full year. We have this handy fusion reactor in the sky, the sun and its power is delivered to us for free. We have now learned how to viably harvest this energy and deliver it to your home or business.

Pretty much everyone owns and operates an old school generator. Can you imagine a world in which there is a power cut, your backup system kicks in and you don’t even know?

Solar vs Generator

complete silence

no maintance

no re-fueling

no changeover

no rebooting of devices or re-setting of clocks

no generator fumes

energy produced is free once installed and its green

Generator vs Solar

Modern inverters are more reliable and efficient than ever before. New generation of solar panels cost a fifth of what they did just 6 years ago. Not only that, they require half the surface area to deliver the same power. Couple them with modern battery banks to store your energy and you have a solution that provides value like never before.

Let’s prove to you that it pays