Does it Pay ?

Does it Pay ?

Absolutely, in fact we believe that you can’t afford not to go solar.

Each home or businesses ideal solution is different based on their loads and budget

Here’s a real world scenario, not too different to most homes in Zimbabwe.

John explained to us that he was running his Kipor 5.5kVA generator for 3 hours a day on average – so lets look at the numbers…

The Kipor used 1.3 lt of diesel per hour. That translated into $160 a month in fuel alone. Throw in servicing (which, like most of us he was not doing as often as he should) and that’s $2,500-$2750 a year. This doesn’t take into account trips to get fuel, the cost of generator replacement etc.

His generator was replaced by a hybrid solar / battery system that is stronger than the generator was and on track to have paid itself off inside of 4 years. 10 years from installation he’s expecting to have saved an additional $25,000-$30,000.

All of the products used were international premium brands and came with solid guarantees. Of course he now enjoys the added benefit of power constantly, not only when the generator is on, the silence of the solution and the list goes on.

Now, imagine that you are a business and run a generator for longer hours, the payback periods only get better.

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